Product Details:

Housed in sturdy portable console, Each System comes complete with a 6” fluid filled gauge with build in damper assembly. Heavy-duty steel box. 25 feet of high pressure hose, load cell, hand pump and one litter Xinhua all weather instrument fluid



• 6" dial face on gauge allows clear viewing from long distance

• Rugged design over years of service has proven this gauge to be accurate and dependable in extreme conditions.

• Accurate measurements in extreme conditions — operational in ambient temperature range of -50° to 150° F (-45° to 65° C)

• Midget Weight Indicator System is provided with a 6.53 sq. inch piston type load cell which has a working capacity of 25,000 pounds single line load. Non-Spin model available upon request.

• Super Midget Weight Indicator System comes with a 16.1 sq. inch diaphragm type tension load cell which has a working capacity of 30,000 pounds single line load

System is shipped pre-charged with instrument fluid from the factory and no additional assemble is required.

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