Product Details:

CEMG101 Electronic Pressure Gauge System is made up of there parts:

1. Pump Pressure Gauge with Contacts

2. Hose

3. CWDB4-1 Debooster

CWBD4-1 debooster has 1502 Union, with NPT 2” threaded, can be connected to the measured pressure source, the sensor for pressure bearing unit. With the CWBD4-1 debooster the high pressure will be change into low pressure according to 4:1 ratio, transfer to the pressure gauge which display the measured pressure by high pressure hose. The pressure gauge has a contact type alarm device, used for pressure warning and system control.


1. Pressure range: Max is 12oMPa

2. Working temperature: 45°C~+60°C

3. Accuracy: ±1%

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