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Product Details:

Xinhua’s 12" circular chart recorders are built to operate in the most rugged of climates. They have proven to be extremely dependable and are available in numerous configurations. Recorders come in either truck mount configurations or portable configurations to meet your every demand. All recorders are available with various clock options and pressure ranges. Dual Pen recorders are capable of recording two pressure inputs simultaneously.

· Industry standard design allows operators to stock one line of recorder charts and expendables. 
· Recorder design allows replacement with no modification to mounting boxes or additional operator training.
· Portable model uses standard 6” fluid filled gauge.
· Heavy duty design ensures accuracy even in the most extreme of conditions.
· large dial face make the gauge easy to read even across the drilling floor.

· Comes in Truck Mount or Portable variations.
· Available in 1 or 2 pen versions.
· Can be calibrated for use up to 15000 p.s.i.
· High pressure hose and disconnects available.

To order specify:
· Pressure range or capacity to be recorded
· Portable or truck mount.
· Number of pens required
· English or Metric


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