Product Details:

Xinhua Offers flanged pressure gauges that come standard with a 2” NPT thread, these gauges are easily viewable at distance. 

-6 inch dial and 8 inch dial protected by impact-resistant, clear polymer lens provides 
fast, accurate readings at a glance.
-Liquid filled gauge minimizes vibration and wear to gauge movement
-Replaceable diaphragm rubber and field-repairable diaphragm make on-site service easy. 
-Rugged design enables accurate pressure measurements on cementing, acidizing, fracturing, and choke manifolds.

-Models available for YK-100, YK-150, Type D and Unitized Pressure Gauge.
-Bourdon tube and movements indicator gives highly accurate readings of mud pump.
-Standard Capacities:0-7,000kPa, 0-21,000kPa, 0-35,000kPa, 0-40,000kPa, other pressure range are available in PSI, kg/cm, MPa, and BAR units of measure, dual scales are available in PSI/kg/cm², kPa/PSI, Bar/PSI

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